Friday, December 17, 2004

She's hit the big time now

Okay, so it's about time I organized a newsletter. I'm tickled that people are eager for Gina's story, and want to keep abreast on how it and other stories are progressing.

I'm hoping to send out one newsletter every month, probably around the 5th.

What's in it for you? Weeellll, sneak peaks, mini-contests, and freebies for a start. And then there's

So here's the deal: On January 3, I will be randomly choosing two lucky subscribers to my newsletter to receive a complimentary copy of my 5-Star, 5-Ribbon book, Fairy Godlover. If you win and you've already purchased Fairy Godlover, you'll get my next TWO books free and EARLY!

Subscribe now by visiting or sending an email to:

Happy Holidays!

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