Monday, January 31, 2005

Five Angels and a heavenly review

"Fairy Godlover is a light-hearted erotic romance. The characters within the story are fun to experience and will have readers smiling throughout... Devi Sparks has filled this story with an entertaining plot and jaw dropping sexual exploits that will definitely have readers wishing for their own Sebastian... The scenes between Kelsey and Sebastian are extremely erotic. The variety and frequency of their escapades is amazing. Ms. Sparks has written the eroticism within their relationship in a descriptive, honest way. I enjoyed how she balanced the eroticism with the trust that grew between them... The ability to blend wit and passion so seamlessly was wonderful to experience." --Amanda, Fallen Angel Reviews

You can read the whole thing here:

I need to take up tap dancing, I think. Install a good surface on the top of my desk and keep some dancin' shoes close at hand. :-)

Thursday, January 13, 2005


I've spent a bit of time in waiting rooms this past week, so have been able to get some reading done. Thank goodness for purse-sized libraries! (I love my PDA!)

Earlier this week, I read Delilah Devlin's The Pleasure Bot. The computer assistant, Agnes, very nearly stole the show!

And today I read Willa Okati's Drag Queen of Faerie. Great story with extremely colorful characters (we're talking chiffon and bling here, baby!). Fast paced, funny, a little light on the gory details, but sexy nonetheless. Definitely a good read.

Next up is Lucy's Double Diamonds by Ruby Storm.

Oh, and Animal Magnetism was accepted at Phaze, Desperately Seeking Cupid is now at 5000+ words. I need a writing binge about now...


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