Thursday, January 13, 2005


I've spent a bit of time in waiting rooms this past week, so have been able to get some reading done. Thank goodness for purse-sized libraries! (I love my PDA!)

Earlier this week, I read Delilah Devlin's The Pleasure Bot. The computer assistant, Agnes, very nearly stole the show!

And today I read Willa Okati's Drag Queen of Faerie. Great story with extremely colorful characters (we're talking chiffon and bling here, baby!). Fast paced, funny, a little light on the gory details, but sexy nonetheless. Definitely a good read.

Next up is Lucy's Double Diamonds by Ruby Storm.

Oh, and Animal Magnetism was accepted at Phaze, Desperately Seeking Cupid is now at 5000+ words. I need a writing binge about now...


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