Friday, March 18, 2005

Animal Magnetism is on the prowl!

Sheesh, it's been a while since I posted here!

My latest news is that Animal Magnetism is now available! I had it with me in Long Beach, but the booksigning was pretty low-key. We were on the third floor, tucked away in a couple of conference rooms. Kally Jo Surbeck and Melissa Schroeder had to go physically put pens and bookmarks into people's hands. I don't think the library even announced us over the PA system. *sigh*

Overall, Long beach was a blast! There were nearly as many erotica authors as straight-romance authors. I attended some great workshops, met some great people (Murdoch Hughes is a riot!)...and searched in vain for ghosts to interview.

The Queen Mary itself is a gorgeous ship! Most of the original woodwork is still intact, even after carrying some 500,000 or more passengers in its days as a passenger ship and military transport ship. Liddy Mignight found some soldiers' signatures in her dresser drawers, one or two with platoon and regiment info. Very cool.

Many of the people from EPICon will also be at RT in St. Louis. Can't wait!

Catch ya later,

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