Thursday, June 30, 2005

Feast or famine

Sheesh! I either post every other day or every other month it seems!

For some ungodly reason, I've been particularly motivated at work lately. You know how you get on a roll being amazingly productive, and you just sorta STAY on that roll? Yeah, that's me. Unfortunately the author-maintenance side of productivity goes down the toilet when the work productivity goes up.

But I have PROMISED to have the final final final version of Destiny at Midnight (for the Midnight Treasures Anthology) in by tomorrow. *sigh* I may have to be a little late, BUT--shhhh... I know it's not going to matter until Tuesday anyway, when everybody gets back from holiday trips. Which means I'll probably be up until the wee hours of the morning, doing final tweaks so I can have it in on time :-)

Have a safe weekend!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Hoo-Ha winners announced!

Since we reached the goal of 100 subscribers (and then some!), I got to pick six winners for my Big Newsletter Hoo-Ha conest!

Check out the winners! Newsletter the Fourth is avaialable for all to read at the link below.


Sunday, June 05, 2005

Gotta love a man in a kilt...

I went to our local Scottish Festival and Highland Games yesterday. So many intriguing-looking men in kilts! And it was a windy day, too! Woohoo! Alas, they all wore shorts underneath as far as I could see. The games were fun to watch--muscled men tossing cabers (i.e. telephone poles) and other miscellaneous items like lead balls, anvils, goats, sheep, small children...

Okay, so not sheep.

Anyway, I think I feel a hero brewing who wears a kilt as often as not. An alpha-beta male who is rooted in his heritage, extremely comfortable in his masculinity, and doesn't give a flying flip what other people think. And of course he has that adorable Scottish brogue, too. Mmmm....

Newsletter Hoo-Ha Update: We made it! 104 subscribers at last count! Hoo-ha!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Blurbles and Bits

When I reach the 'almost finished' point in a story, it's time to write the blurb for it. Caligari Heat is at that point, so that's what I spent my free time yesterday doing. Here's what I have so far: (Comments welcome)


Brig Hoffman once had a crush on Rordon Long...

Brig Hoffman has chosen to settle on Caligari, a young, sparsely populated planet in the Boles Galaxy. Living alone in a home of his own design with only a small robot for company, Brig devotes the bulk of his time to scientific research, though he occasionally enjoys the attentions of an Empath named Garin. But When Rordon arrives for a visit, old feelings refuse to be quashed.

Rordon Long insists he's not that kind of man...

Rordon Long made it clear long ago to anyone who would listen that he liked women, and that was that. Yet when DiCom Energy Systems gets wind of Brig's research, Rordon jumps at the opportunity to personally offer his college rival and friend a job. Once on Caligari, Rordon finds himself inexorably drawn to the man whose sexuality has never been a secret.

But who can doubt the word of an Empath?

On Caligari, Rordon finds freedom, but it's not at all what he had envisioned for his future.


Newsletter Hoo-Ha Update: We're so close! 93 subscribers! Only seven more needed for the big shaboozy! (See several posts down).

Have a safe weekend,

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Featured on Blue! (TRS, that is)

It's June 1st and all's well, especially for me at TRS! I'm one of the featured authors on TRS Blue! Check it out:

There's an excerpt featured there that is not available anywhere else. And while you're there, you know, you might consider voting for my feature in the poll on the bottom left. If you want. *puppy eyes*

Newsletter Hoo-Ha Update: 80 Subscribers and counting! Woohoo!

Happy Wednesday :-)

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