Thursday, June 30, 2005

Feast or famine

Sheesh! I either post every other day or every other month it seems!

For some ungodly reason, I've been particularly motivated at work lately. You know how you get on a roll being amazingly productive, and you just sorta STAY on that roll? Yeah, that's me. Unfortunately the author-maintenance side of productivity goes down the toilet when the work productivity goes up.

But I have PROMISED to have the final final final version of Destiny at Midnight (for the Midnight Treasures Anthology) in by tomorrow. *sigh* I may have to be a little late, BUT--shhhh... I know it's not going to matter until Tuesday anyway, when everybody gets back from holiday trips. Which means I'll probably be up until the wee hours of the morning, doing final tweaks so I can have it in on time :-)

Have a safe weekend!

Hope you get it down! Bring a bowl of M&M's along for moral support. *g*
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