Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Ficus trees don't like leashes

I was amused to discover that today is Take-A-Plant-For-A-Walk Day. I'm presuming whoever invented the holiday meant leafy growing things and not pencil factories. I imagine it would be quite difficult to take a pencil factory for a walk, no matter how big your wagon, not to mention the all the workers inside complaining every time you hit a bump in the sidewalk.

Seems to me it would be rather... um... pointless... to take your ficus tree or African violets for a walk. I know MY ficus tree would balk at having to walk on a leash. And my African violets are just too dang lazy. They'd want to be carried the whole way, and would whine "How many more driveways?" as soon as we got out of sight of ours.

*sigh* I just don't get it.

Now a Take-A-Fruitcake-For-A-Walk Day... I could get into that. My neighbor would have a great time. He doesn't get out much, and would probably do okay on a leash...


This is so funny. I had no idea.
Mangrove trees CAN walk...
Unless you're an ent!
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