Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Tickled pink!

I am so excited about Phaze's first in the pink mini-con and booksigning! This will give me an excuse to put my nose to the ol' grindstone and finish Cupid.

I'll probably have to buy something pink to wear, too. It's not a requirement to wear pink, mind you, but I always love an excuse to go shopping! I think the only plink article of clothing I own is a ratty old pajama tank top with paint splattered on it. Maybe I can add a taffeta skirt and a sequined scarf and call it haute couture?

My friend Robin Slick is going, too. Cannot imagine her NEAR anything pink, let alone wearing it! You can check out her blog here:

See what I mean? *g*

Okay, gotta get some work done. Thanks for reading!

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