Sunday, November 20, 2005

Pimping at the Pink

I am in Virginia Beach this morning, sitting at my hotel, almost ready to head home. I had the pleasure of hanging out with Crystal and the rest of the ladies at The Pink Banana Boutique yesterday. If you ever have any question about laws regarding what's legal and what's not in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Crystal is the woman to ask.

The booksigning was a lot of fun... though I think the sheer number of us may have intimidated some of the customers. We sat facing a the rather large collection of condoms, and some of those poor guys would come in, see the tables and all of us smiling... and walk around the store for a while, gathering the courage to get what they came for. And I saw no one pick up the Magnum XXL box. Guys who shop at the Pink Banana are a good honest lot :-) Though I suppose it might be true that everything's bigger in Texas...

It was very cool to meet Tula, Jessie, Jayelle, Laura, and Leigh for the first time. Phaze absolutely has a terrific group of ladies.

Big hugs to Bridget for arranging all that! Wow!

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